A message from Eddie

Happy New Year and welcome to EddieNestor.com. The site is a snap shot of what I do and who I am. From the serious to the extremely silly I hope you will enjoy the ever-changing journey.

Eddie NestorI am a social commentator and entertainer. My career has seen me take on a multitude of roles including actor, stand up comedian, DJ and for the last decade, Broadcaster with my own Drive time show, week days from 5pm on BBC London 94.9 FM.

I love hearing stories and like to tell them too. You can follow and react to my take on the stories making the headlines, listen to interviews, giggle at pictures and watch sketches too. The site is constantly changing with new stuff being added all the time. So, as the Actress said to the Bishop, “Make sure you come back again soon”.

Eddie’s Charity Work

I have found myself doing more and more for charity. Maybe it’s as a result of getting older, having children or surviving serious illness. Anyways, it makes me feel great!

Ran 10k in drag for prostate Action

Raised nearly £5000 Running the London Marathon for the ACLT

Tandem jump for Urban Synergy

Raised over £100,000 over a decade hosting Strictly Come laughing at the Hackney Empire

Summer Scorch is an annual event sponsored by The Mayor of Newham promoting health and well being.

The next big event is scheduled for March 2015 when I will be joined by my nearest and dearest who will be helping me achieve a lifetime ambition of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charities including Millan Cancer Relief.

Eddie's latest blog ramblings...

Jay-z & Solange

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jay z,

So there is now a statement explaining what we already knew, all families have fights. For a while this week the plight of the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram was forgotten. Not because there was an even… Read more >

Naomi Oni

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Naomi Oni

Over the last decade my day job has been to interview people, often under the most harrowing of circumstances. Sometimes all you want to do is hug them, cry with them and tell them it’s going to be ok; but… Read more >

Is Jeremy Clarkson A Racist?

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Is Jeremy Clarkson a racist? I don’t know but he has made a career of sailing close to the wind. Comments about a car being “ginger beer”. Calling [the former Prime Minister] Gordon Brown a “One eyed Scottish… Read more >